Mesmeric Salon is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

    Mesmeric Salon is a whole family hair salon with special emphasis on children haircuts & hairstyles. Our main goal is to make the child and also their parents experience pleasant, memorable and fun. Haircuts shouldn't be feared but in may instances they are, whether its because its something new for the child or maybe they've had a bad experience. 

Either way we focus on helping the child over come their fear with patience, understanding and positive reinforcement. Children are rewarded when they over power their fear. 

We aspire to your child's comfortableness. 
One of the ways we help aid the child is
 by allowing a them to become familiar with some feared equipment, i.e., children are encouraged to turn on and touch the buzzer, this allows the child to become accustom with the sound of the buzzer, during which some realize it does not cause harm.

Some children dismiss the idea of the buzzer / trimmer all together, they are just not ready for it, in those cases we forgo the buzzer / trimmer completing the cut solely with scissors. 

Mesmeric Salon welcomes all children & all parents regardless of their needs, it is our mission to rise up and meet your needs.

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